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Sheep Pasture Music Studio
we help you get your sound...
  1. Band Demos/ Original Recordings
    Band Demos/ Original Recordings
    We specialize in 'Live band Recordings' with same day Service. Come into the studio and play your music-we will set-up, record, mix, and master your recording, and you will walk out the same day with your CD !
  2. We Specialize in 'Live'  Recordings
    We Specialize in 'Live' Recordings
    We do 'Live band' recordings in the comfort of our newly designed recording room. Use any of our brand name amps, drums and PA, or bring your own for your signature sound.
  3. Singer Songwriters
    Singer Songwriters
    Sure, we have lots of classic rock bands, tribute bands and club bands, but we always enjoy the warm sounds of a small ensemble, as well as the solo singer-songwriters who come in to showcase their music.
!Let's make music

Complete Music Recording packages available.
Set-up, record, mix, master, edit and make CD...

 A  great studio to record your band!
Recording / Mixing   $35 Hr.
 Record, Mix, Master and Produce your CD.

  1. 1
    Guitar Lessons
    $40 an hour. Beginner * Intermediate * Advanced Rock * Blues * Classic * Folk call for info and availability
  2. 2
    Vocalists, get heard!
    Sing with our library of back tracks. Showcase your talent and vocal abilities - or make a recording for an audition, a special occasion, or the just for the one you love.
  3. 3
    Live Band Recordings
    Get more gigs and showcase your music, with a great sounding demo of your band. It"s always a great time recording at Sheep Pasture Studio!
  4. 4
    Amazingly Affordable
    For a little more $ than a rehearsal studio, we offer a terrific studio environment where you get a great sounding recording ,without the big expense!