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Sheep Pasture Music Studio
we help you get your sound...
Bring your instruments and just play... We do all the rest!
   Great Band Recordings!
     Just Bring Your Instruments...
 Recording your demo  made easy
   We have everything you need to come in and Play your songs and  walk out same day with your new recorded CD.
   All the amps are close mic'd, all the drums are mic'd, the vocals feed direct, the bass and vocals are also recorded direct.
  Each instrument on its own separate channel.
  Mixing down and mastering your CD when recording is complete ... 
  We have Fender custom amps, Marshall, Gallien Gruger, Mesa Boogie, Bugera,Ludwig Drums mics, Neuman mics, Roland Piano, and a great sounding PA system.

   Easy... just plug in and play!

   We take care of all the rest!
   Walk out with a finished CD.
What a great place to play!
The room sounds great and the recordings are amazing!

Open 7 days a week.
Call to record ...
Steve  516-661-1815